Face Off Family Feud Game Shows

With the BobHawkins.com Face-Off, the Family Feud Game Show System you ensure your corporate message gets across to your employees. If you want to have a party with or without a Disc Jockey, consider adding the Face-Off system to your event. You will be able to entertain your employees or guests in a unique and exciting way.

This system is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. Play practically any type of quiz or trivia game in individual or teamplay mode. Imagine the possibilities and fun!

Similar to the set-up on "Family Feud", one player (or one team) on each side of the podium is asked a series of questions and then has a chance to buzz in first to give a correct answer for points.

The questions are about TV & movie trivia, music, sports etc. Questions can also be tailored to any type of event – birthday party, school function, rehearsal dinner, or even a wedding reception. The Face-Off system can electrify any party!

Perfectly adaptable for corporate events and training seminars, you can prepare company-specific trivia to ensure that your training message is reinforced.

BobHawkins.com can even record your training session on video for Corporate Training Sessions.

Call us today to reserve the Face-Off, the Family Feud Game Show System!

Face-off Family Feud