The Ceilidh Farm


The ceilidh (kālē) farm is sixty-eight acres of field and forest set on the beaver river and has been in our family for twenty-five years, the gathering place for family and friends. The farmhouse and barn were built before the turn of the century and remain country casual. The door is always open, don’t bother to take your shoes off!

A wedding at the ceilidh farm begins with your family and friends gathering in the farmhouse, creating a home base for wedding prep; speech writing, rehearsal dinner, a gathering place for out of town guests, an intimate space for those closest to the bride and groom... A time to be together. Then there’s the magic of fishing in the beaver river with your groomsmen the morning of your wedding or creating bouquets of wildflowers right out of the front door – we have our own honey, and an airstream trailer - bring your imagination and we’ll help bring it all to life. Walking into the barn is a bit awe-inspiring really. The grand timber frame structure creates a sense of history and place that few spaces conjure up. A favourite view is from outside on a starry night with the glow of string lights inside twinkling through the walls with music filling the air.

Offering our venue is just our family sharing an incredibly special place with special people. My husband and I have married at the ceilidh farm sixteen years ago. I love reliving those memories every time we talk to a bride and groom knowing how special it is to celebrate with all these people who are coming together just for you.

The Barn

Built circa 1890, the barn is a true architectural masterpiece that has stood the test of time. With its complex system of exposed beams, braces, posts and rafters, the barn has remained true to its original form, a beautiful example of the craftsmanship of the day.

The Farmhouse

Built-in the late 1800s, the house has been home to generations. Since its purchase in 1992 minor renovations has been performed to update the farmhouse while maintaining its original charm. Today, the wedding party and family are invited to use the farmhouse to prepare for their wedding ceremony on the property

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