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Most clients start the planning process with a sense of overwhelm – so many choices and so much importance attached to each choice. This can be an intimidating process, partly because of cost, but also because choices in flowers and décor are so abundant. They haven't planned an event of this scale before, and that adds to the insecurity.

How can they trust themselves to pick the most beautiful choice available? What if there was something different that they never even knew to consider? The confusion causes great stalls in the process, and instead of being a joyful experience, it can leave one filled with dread. With the help of our professional, experienced team, you can be confident in the choices you make, and create the wedding of your dreams.

4802 5th Side Rd,
Thornton, ON L0L 2N2

Tel: 705-794-5239
Email: Events@OpulenceWedding.com
Website: OpulenceWedding.com

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