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In general, I Do! Weddings is a full-service wedding planning business; we provide 3 general services:

Consulting – Assisting brides & grooms in sourcing out venues, vendors, or other specific wedding-related components based on their specific requests/needs

Day Of Co-Ordination – Being the liaison on the day of the wedding between all hired vendors, family members, wedding party, and the bride & groom; responsible for all setup & tear down on the wedding day; and most importantly, ensuring the day goes smoothly, according to set out plans.

Full Wedding Facilitation - Collaborate with the bride & groom from the beginning of their wedding planning journey to the very end; assist in key tasks such as keeping on time, keeping within budget, creating an appropriate timeline for the day’s events, and making their visions a reality.




Contact Information:

Georgina, Ontario

Tel: 905-960-4907
Email: IDoWeddingsGeorgina@hotmail.com
Website: IDoWeddingsGeorgina.ca

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I Do! Weddings

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