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Growing up in a military family with 2 brothers (I'm the oldest), allowed me to see all across this great country we call Canada. I've lived in Ontario, B.C., Alberta and Newfoundland. In fact, one of the best road trips I was ever on was when we moved from Alberta to Newfoundland and drove ALL the way. What an amazing adventure, 3 boys in the back of a station wagon (my parents may have felt differently). Being an army kid allowed me to meet all sorts of people and make lots of friends in different places.

It was in high school that I picked up my first Nikon manual film camera and boy did I take a liking to it. Being in the darkroom, seeing images come to life in the chemical trays, learning the technical side of photography. A part of me misses the old days in the darkroom. Cranking tunes and having the hours slip by. I still prefer digital, though. Mistakes are a lot less expensive lol. My great art teachers fostered and encouraged me which led me to apply to Humber College in the photography program. I learned a lot there and met some wonderful people.

Fast forward to paying off my OSAP loan by working in a grocery store in Alliston, Ontario, where I met my wife Tracey. In a funny coincidence, she was also working on paying off her student loans, too. We are a great match, Tracey went to school for business and myself for photography. We've been together for 22 years and have 2 sweet kids, Aidan and Raven. We found our dream house south of Collingwood in the Georgian Bay Area. It's an old church built in 1929 and we've been slowly fixing it up and making it our own.

We look forward to our future together and we look forward to meeting you!





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Flesherton, Ontario

Tel: 705-440-7380


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