Ethnic music for Wedding Receptions

Ethnic music for Wedding Receptions

Many clients planning a wedding ask me whether our library has ethnic music. As a professional disc jockey service, we do carry a large selection of ethnic music, but I always suggest to them that it is best to supply us with the selection of ethnic music that they would like played.

The reason clearly is that no matter how much ethnic music is included in our library, we cannot be sure that our selections will produce the best dancing results, or that the music is actually appropriate for the event.

Also, one has to be aware that some countries have different musical idioms that vary by region. Therefore, as a DJ saying that I have music from Country X does not really mean that I have the music specific to your guests’ ethnic region.

Here is a familiar example of what I mean. Canadian ethnic music can be divided into the music of the Maritimes and Newfoundland, the music of Quebec, and other French-speaking regions, the music of rural Ontario, and finally the traditional music of Western Canada.

Italian music is similar. There is a slight difference in the music of the North and the South of Italy and even a difference between Sicilian and Italian music. In other words, Ti Amo just won’t cut it for all Italian weddings.

The other great reason to provide us with a selection of ethnic music is that it can be used as an opportunity to involve one’s relatives in the wedding. They will have a say on what will be played, and will undoubtedly be happy when they hear it, and dance to it, at the wedding reception.

By Robert Hawkins